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All On Four Implants

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What is the all On four implant technique?

The all On four implant technique is a procedure that allows the same day dental prosthesis to be fixed on four dental implants placed at certain angles in patients without full teeth.

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What are the advantages of all fourteen implant techniques?

The benefits of all fourteen treatment can be listed as follows:

✔️ It offers the possibility of a fixed dental prosthesis to be made on the same day to patients without full teeth.
✔️ Sinus lift surgery is easier than any other advanced surgical procedure, such as bone addition.
✔️ The duration of Dental implant surgery is shorter.
✔️ Since the number of dental implants used decreases and does not require additional surgery, the cost is lower compared to conventional dental implant treatment.
✔️ It provides an aesthetic look and a laugh line that can be planned for the person.
✔️It is easier to clean and maintain than conventional dental implants.
✔️ It is suitable for patients who are unable to use movable dental prosthesis and who have nausea reflex.
✔️The design is different according to the full dental prosthesis (palate). It is easier for the patient to get used to and use it because it does not cover the palate.
✔️ It is suitable for patients residing outside the city, as the number of treatment sessions required is small.

Who can apply the all On four implant technique?

All On Four treatment can be applied to all patients without full teeth (no teeth), who do not have any systemic disease that would interfere with dental implant surgery, and who have sufficient bone volume.

What are the stages of all fourteen treatment?

A detailed clinical and radiological examination is required before all four patients are scheduled for treatment. Computed tomography (CT) measurements are made on the patient’s proper planning.
All fourteen procedures consist of two stages, surgical and dental prosthesis procedures. On the day of treatment, after 4 dental implants are placed in the patient according to the plan, the temporary dental prosthesis is fixed on the dental implants on the same day. After 3 months, permanent dental prosthesis is made to the patient.

Will I have pain after the procedure?

As with any dental implant operation, some pain and swelling can be seen after the procedure. However, these complaints can be easily controlled with the drugs you will use in accordance with the advice of your doctor.