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Beard Transplantation

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Beard and Mustache Transplantation

It has led to the emergence of various beard and whiskers, which are of vital importance for men and indispensable for men, and men have to express themselves with these choices. It is possible to apply the same techniques applied to hair transplantation to the facial beard and mustache region. It is possible to sow with Fue technique especially for beard and mustache transplanting without the need to cut hair completely.

The small windows that open without inserting all the hair in the ensemble camouflage the reception area. Then, if you do not shave the beard and mustache area using the DHI method applied without hair is placed in the bald areas of the face. Your facial features, which are important in professional and non-irritating beard and mustache cultivation, are a suitable plant.

We support beard and mustache cultivars, which vary according to the individual person and are special to each person, with the treatment of PRP. After 10 days of recovery period, you can return to normal life.

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Method used

The method for beard and mustache transplantation is the FUE method, just like the eyebrow transplantation. The roots removed from the neck using the FUE method are transplanted into the area to be transplanted after opening the canal. The main elements of beard and mustard planting are the drawings. You can get a completely natural look with the drawing, without affecting your facial features and facial expressions.

Steps of beard and mustache transplant

1. Consultation
2. Preparation for surgery
3. Removal of the grafts from the neck area (donor area)
4. Open the channels in the area where the beard or mustache is to be transplanted
5. Graft transplantation after proper storage
6. After-care after surgery